3 tips for wearing a tutu skirt in spring

3 tips for wearing a tutu skirt in spring

A tutu skirt is surely a classic in your closet. The skirt looks elegant and is a timeless item you can wear all year round. Spring is on its way and for many ladies that means wearing more color. In this blog we give you 3 tips on how to wear the Mary tutu skirt in spring. 

The Mary tutu skirt from LES the brand is modest skirt. It is form concealing and falls to almost the ground. The skirt is made of recycled polyester so no new raw materials are used in the production of this skirt. So by wearing the Mary tutu skirt you are also reducing your impact on the environment.

1. Choose matching shoes

Whereas in autumn you are more likely to choose biker boots for this skirt, in spring and summer you can pair it beautifully with a romantic slingback. The classic, timeless style of this shoe goes well with the skirt. 

Is a slingback not quite your style? Then opt for a white sneaker or slipper under the skirt. 

The tutu skirt is an eye-catching item. Therefore, choose the same color of shoes as the skirt. This will make you appear taller and slimmer. This will also keep the outfit more calm.

2. Mix & Match your style with the the skirt

The mary tutu skirt has a feminine, elegant look. Depending on the style you want to radiate, you can combine the skirt. For example, do you want a more cool look? Then choose a leather or suede jacket on top of the skirt. Or opt for a trendy look by wearing a bomber jacket. Below, you can put on a blouse that you wear inside the skirt.

Do you need more inspiration on more different styles to go with this skirt? If so, check out the instagram of @themodeststylist.official

3. Bring in contrast

The tutu skirt is a long modest skirt where you could get a cute look. To avoid getting a ballerina look, it’s good to add contrast. You can do this by using different kind of material for the outerwear. For example, think suede, leather, wool or cotton. 

Be careful when looking for contrast in color. Because the skirt is striking, you can stay in the same color shade in the other items and details. But you can also go for colors that combine well with the pink color of the Tutu skirt such as green, brown, beige and gold.

Enjoy wearing your Mary tutu skirt!

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