Seven tips for the perfect blazer

Seven tips for the perfect blazer

A blazer is an essential in everyone’s wardrobe. Blazers are the finishing touch to your outfit. In transitional seasons, they are a must-have for when layering. Looking for a blazer that fits your figure? Then it is important to pay attention to the fit. 

A blazer can always be combined well. Think of a blazer on jeans, but also on a skirt. Are you looking for a formal office outfit? Even then, a blazer provides the right touch.

Seven tips for the blazer that suits you

1. Match the right color blazer

Choose a blazer in a neutral base color that suits you. Neutral colors allow many more combination possibilities. For example, consider the colors: camel, taupe, olive green, dark blue, gray or black. Keep in mind that a black blazer can be harsh and create distance. Therefore, always choose nice, good quality when choosing a black blazer. 

2. Choose the right fit

But when is a blazer a good fit? If you are taller than the average woman, you will more often find that the sleeves are too short. Avoid this by making sure the waist of the blazer falls on your natural waistline. 

With a straight-fitting blazer, make sure the shoulder seam falls on the end of your shoulder. With a boyfriend or oversized blazer and with jackets with a lot of shoulder padding, of course, you don’t have to take this into account.

3. Yes, you can also wear a blazer actually closed

Buy blazers that you can also wear closed. An ideal blazer fits you even when you close the buttons. Tip: Open the blazer when sitting down and wear it closed when standing and walking. A closed blazer gives you a chic look and it is more covering for when you want to wear the blazer modestly.

4. Double breasted blazers or single-breasted?

Blazers with double buttons make you look wider and shorter. Doesn’t this suit your figure? Then go for single-breasted blazers. Double breasted blazers are seen everywhere. If you wear them, then wear them closed. 

5. Blazer tailoring

Long straight blazers are totally in, but is the model still too straight for you? Taper the blazer with a belt. For ladies who are tall or have an A-silhouette, you can also choose a wide belt. 

6. Choose quality materials

Want to enjoy your blazer for a long time and wear it with great comfort? Then choose durable material that breathes well. Examples of such materials are organic cotton, recycled polyester, vegan silk, viscose, lyocell or modal. Above all, avoid synthetic fabrics. But remember: the higher the quality of the fabrics, the more fragile the fabric. Delicate materials require extra care. 

7. It’s all about details!

Details make your jacket stand out, personal or timeless. For example, consider blazers with different types of buttons. Go for a luxurious button or just a small button. But also details like colored stitching or patch pockets can give your blazer just the attention it needs. Do you want that extra detail? Then also pay attention to how the sleeves are finished. 

Looking for blazer inspiration? Check out @themodeststylist.official where we share several gorgeous blazers. 

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