Stylish fashion outfit inspiration for a wedding

Stylish fashion outfit inspiration for a wedding

Wedding season has started! A wedding is a special occasion when you want to look elegant and stylish. Choosing the right outfit can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful outfits that are perfect for a wedding. In this blog, we like to share why the Ines look, the Hanane dress, the Mary jacket with the tutu skirt and the Hafsa pants and kaftan are great choices to wear during a wedding.

Feminine modest maxi dress

The Hanane dress is a floral maxi dress that instantly gives you a sense of femininity and spring. The beige base color combined with the colorful floral print creates a vibrant look perfect for a cheerful wedding.

Kaftan with matching pants: wedding ready! 

The beautiful Hafsa kaftan dress with floral pattern gives you an instant summer feeling. With high slits on the sides to below the hips and pleated sleeves, it creates a playful puff sleeve that gives the dress a unique look. The high collar and button closure add a touch of elegance. This kaftan dress can be worn with or without the matching belt, allowing you to create different looks. The airy and opaque fabric makes this kaftan perfect for a summer wedding. Pair the kaftan with the matching Hafsa wide leg pants for an extra stylish outfit.

Summer skirt with a blazer? We got you

The elegant Mary nude tutu skirt is an absolute addition to your closet. This timeless skirt can be worn for any occasion, including a wedding. The skirt can be styled in different ways depending on the season and your personal preference. For a summer look, you can opt for a romantic slingback sandal, while in the fall you can pair the skirt with tough biker boots. 

Are you looking for a blazer jacket on a skirt? Then the Mary jacket is for you! This jacket is a perfect match with the tutu skirt and adds an extra touch of elegance to your look. Together, the Mary tutu skirt and the Mary jacket make a beautiful combination that will give you a stylish and sophisticated look at a wedding.

The Hanane dress, the Mary jacket with the tutu skirt and the Hafsa pants and kaftan all offer great options that you can consider for a stunning wedding look. The Hanane dress gives you a feminine and spring-like look, while the Hafsa kaftan dress is summery and playful. The Mary tutu skirt with the Mary jacket are chic and timeless choices. By combining these beautiful garments with the right accessories and shoes, you can put together the perfect outfit to shine at a wedding.

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