4 tips for wearing midi dresses

4 tips for wearing midi dresses

Mid-dresses are named for their length. Midi dresses come to about half the calf. They look feminine and are the perfect length. Mid dresses can make you look shorter than you really are. Do want to look a bit longer? Read these 4 tips to find the perfect modest mid dress and look taller. 

Tip 1: choose the right length

Choose a length that is slightly above or below mid-calf: You don’t want the midi dress to end exactly mid-calf, because that’s the thickest part of your leg. Look for a midi dress that ends slightly above or below it.

A mid dress with the perfect length is theCarlijn dress. This is a timeless dress that you can wear for any occasion. This dress has beautiful details. The long sleeves are finished with beautiful details that are also reflected at the neckline. The Carlijn dress is a tailored dress with a wide flare. No need to think about an underdress, because we have already thought of that. This is because the dress is lined. This makes the dress easy to wear modestly. Dresses with a strap can of course always be tailored to your wishes. Tighter or looser, just as you feel comfortable. 

Tip 2: wear the dress with a waistband

Choose midi dresses with a waistband By making the dress slightly tighter you will look longer. By not defining the dress, you can look shorter. Unless, of course, you don’t want a waist. If you are going to a formal dinner or event, experiment with a belt and see how it changes the outfit. Modest TIP: Do not tie the belt in the middle but slightly to the side. This way, the knot of the belt will not be in line with the bust so your eye will not fall on this.

Looking for a mid dress with a waistband? The Myaar mid dress is gorgeous! The puff sleeves and side pockets make the dress very trendy. Wear this dress casual or chic depending on how you style it. Think for example about your choice of shoes and which bag goes best with it. Also this dress is lined so you don’t need an under dress

Tip 3: avoid heavy shoes under a midi dress

If you’re wondering what shoes to wear with a midi dress, I recommend avoiding anything too bulky or heavy. By that we mean heavy boots, platform sandals or sneakers. Unless that’s a look you’re going for.

To elongate the leg and combat the stubby look a midi dress can give, wear high boots with a heel. Note that: the boot should have a minimum heel that gives you height without the added weight of a clogging shoe.

Tip 4: choose a solid color

Opt for a solid color or the same pattern from head to toe: this is not a dress you want to colorblock. Again, this will make you look shorter. Buy a midi dress in a solid color or one that has the same pattern from top to bottom. If you still want a dress with a little pattern look for one with a small pattern.

Do you ever wear a mid-dress?

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