Story of the brand

Meet Leyla & Esma
In life, you meet many individuals. Sometimes the connection you feel cannot be described with another word than soulmates. We, Leyla and Esma, started this journey way before we even knew each other. While Leyla tried pursuing her dreams by studying fashion design and styling, Esma was busy learning business management concepts. Despite her dedication to business management, Esma’s love for fashion remained and grew more over the years. Common passions, goals, and dreams, created LES.

As young girls, who were starting to experiment with fashion. One of the things we struggled with, was ‘’Finding the right piece every time again.’’

During an interview, Bijenkorf asked us; how do you stay modest?
‘’The ones who know the struggle know the answer: searching, searching, and searching.’’

With each new collection, the hunt for the perfect modest items of that season would start. Often, we needed to adjust or add a creative twist to the items to make them modest.

We helped many clients finding the right pieces. Showing you how to look at each clothing piece with a ‘modest eye’. It made a huge difference, but there was that one question ‘‘why isn’t there a fashion brand with modest timeless pieces?’’

So we created LES.

LES is created with the idea of having all the clothing pieces you need.
No more searching and no more adjusting.

LES, you don’t need more

Please find our latest collection here.