All about details

All about details

Details give the touch to an outfit, they make an look playful and they give recognition. At LES the brand, we think details in outfits are important. They ensure that our modest clothing items get a feminine touch.

Amelia blazer

Consider, for example, the sleeve detail of the Amelia blazer. The unique finish of the sleeves: the ‘v’, gives a playful and feminine effect. The reversal notch adds a nice touch to the blazer. The Amelia blazer is modest and gives a very chic look despite the loose fit.


Carlijn dress

The Carlijn dress is a timeless modest dress that is finished at the sleeves with three beautiful buttons that also return at the neckline. The fitted top combined with the wide flared bottom ensure the perfect fit.

Mary jacket

The beige mary jacket made of vegan silk is a unique model. The edge of the sleeve gives a feminine, soft touch to the outfit. Once you’ve felt the fabric, you won’t want anything else.

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