Get your closet ready for spring!

Get your closet ready for spring!

We are heading toward the end of March and that means spring is coming. The dark days are disappearing and the sun is starting to shine more and more. Time to make your closet spring proof.

In this blog we share tips for cleaning out your closet and how to organize it the best way. And of course which modest spring items should not be missing in your closet.

Closet organizing tips

It’s time to replace your warmest wool sweaters with lighter modest dresses, suits and blouses. In 4 steps, we’ll guide you through, not everyone’s favorite, chore.

Step 1: Remove all clothes from the closet

Empty your closet completely. Your closet is now easy to clean and dust free. Now that all your clothes are out of your closet, there is no way back.

Step 2: Go through your winter clothes

Time to go through which items you haven’t worn in the past six months and can say goodbye to. Give this sweater away or sell it. Leave some sweaters that you also wear in spring and summer, and sort out the rest. Your favorite winter items can be put away for next year.

Step 3: Time for spring clothing

Time to pull out spring items. See which items still fit and which can be given away. This gives an overview and in this way you will keep a closet with only items that you will actually wear. This will also help you figure out which essentials you are still missing. Sort the clothes that belong together and make stacks of them.

Step 4: Organize your closet

Place all the sorted piles in your closet in a place of your choice. Hang your clothes by color or sort them by type of item. Just what you like. Think about this before you start arranging. To get order and structure you can use drawer dividers, baskets or multi hangers. Choose what works best for you!

By following these steps, your wardrobe will be ready for the spring season!

Time for modest spring must-haves!

Your closet is now tidy and ready to be replenished. Below we share all the LES the brand items that are modest essentials for spring.

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