How do you style wide leg pants?

How do you style wide leg pants?

Wide pants, also called wide leg pants or jeans, can be hard to pair. You must have asked yourself sometime what to wear over wide leg pants. The answer to the question of how to combine wide leg pants you will read in this blog.

It is impossible to imagine the current fashion scene without wide leg pants. They have become a classic in your closet. The wide leg pants can be styled in many ways. For example, for a chic look wear the pants with a blazer (in our previous blog you can read all about blazers) and heels. Do you want a more casual outfit? Then wear wide leg pants or jeans with a comfortable sweater, sneakers and a cool accessory.

Does your figure fit wide leg pants?

For many women, the answer is probably yes! After all, wide leg pants are for anyone who likes to dress in a comfortable, modern look. The fitting of such pants fits most body types very well. Wide leg pants often have a higher waist and wide, flared or flowing legs. While shopping, look for the wide leg pants that fit your fit well and convey what you want to stand for.

The oversized look

The idea that you necessarily have to wear a tight top on wide leg pants is not true. Wide-leg pants can be combined very well with a nice oversized long coat or with an oversized sweater with a blazer over it. This look gives you a comfortable, street baggy look.

How can you dress modestly without looking slouchy?

Wide leg pants look incredibly beautiful but how can you wear a wide leg without looking sloppy?

For example, wear a top like a blouse that has a side split. This way you are working in the length and not the width. Keep in mind that the blouse should fit well on your shoulders. To add a little more shape to the outfit for a feminine touch, it is nice if the blouse is rounded off at the bottom.

But how long should your blouse be on wide leg pants?

Of course, this always depends on your figure. But as a starting point, always keep the 65-35% rule in your head.

This means that the breaking point comes after 65% of your outfit. So that could be that your lowerwear comes to 65% of your body and your upperwear is 35%. Or vice versa: your upper clothes are 65% of your body and your underclothes are 35% visible.

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