How we make a difference for future generations

How we make a difference for future generations

We do this by choosing sustainable fabrics and reducing our impact on the environment and waste. At LES the brand, we believe that even small steps in the right direction is progress. But not only are our fabrics sustainable, so are our collaborations. We want to reduce our impact on the environment, people and animals. Read more about how we do this in this blog. 

Impact on the environment 

When picking the right fabrics for our modest clothing, we work very carefully. We choose all fabrics ourselves, investing in sustainability. The current collection consists mainly of: organic cotton, vegan silk and recycled polyester. 

Organic cotton is grown with rainwater, which means no harmful pesticides or fertilizers are used to promote growth or harm insects. We choose to work with this material because organic cotton is breathable and durable.

In addition, organic cotton is hypoallergenic so it does not irritate sensitive skin. Finally, our materials do not come in contact with harmful chemicals at any stage. This allows us to ensure that the environment in which our fabrics are made is not only safe for humans and animals, but also for the world of tomorrow.

Modest fashion made from vegan silk? We got you. Vegan silk is wonderfully soft to the touch. It is produced from the raw material of cellulose fibers made by treating cotton cellulose with a substance called cuprammonium salt. Vegan silk is a supple fabric that is also anti-allergenic and anti-static. See, for example, ourbeigeandblackmary jacket which is 100% vegan silk. This one feels wonderful to wear.

Finally, we use recycled polyester. This is a form of polyester that is reused. This eliminates the need to use new raw materials and energy. It is highly elastic and it dries quickly. In addition, it does not crease and is dimensionally stable. See, for example, our Amelia suits. The Amelia is made of, among other things, recycled polyester. In addition, this suit consists of viscose.

Right working conditions

Cooperating with the right factories and partners is a must for LES the brand. For example, all our items come from factories in Turkey where only adults work at good working conditions and in a pleasant environment. Every 6 to 8 weeks we visit the factory where LES the brand is produced. Here we talk to all employees and see how they are treated. We think this is very important.

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