What is modest fashion exactly? And where does it come from?

What is modest fashion exactly? And where does it come from?

Meaning of modest fashion

A question we hear regularly comes up: what exactly is modest fashion?
Modest fashion is basically about wearing more covered clothing for personal or religious reasons. The majority of ladies who dress fashionably are motivated by religion. You see more and more women who dress more covertly for personal reasons. One reason for this is that women do not want to be led by the beauty ideals of the fashion industry within the Western world.

The interpretation of modest clothing varies greatly: the length of sleeves and skirt or pants varies from woman to woman. However, everyone does agree that the clothing falls looser around the body, the fabrics are not see-through and the body is largely covered. Modest fashion is not a style of clothing, but it is a way of dressing. Well-known styles such as chic, romantic, casual and sporty are also styles you can wear modest.

History of modest fashion

Over the years, more and more Muslims have moved into the West. The Muslim community here used to be limited. As a result, there was little to no supply of fashion clothing for these ladies. They got creative with the question, “What is fashionable to wear in the West in which I can still dress covered? What clothing is practical, fashionable and fits the fashion style of the West?’ Generation after generation, the Muslim community in the West is growing. The new generations are the founders of fashionable fashion. They wear covered, longer clothes. But still they had to get creative with the limited modest fashion choices in the west. This creativity created fashionable outfits by combining covering items. 

Modest fashion in today’s fashion industry

Despite the fact that the Muslim community has been growing for years, the fashion industry has been late in responding to the increased demand for covered clothing. There are brands that did respond to this, but eventually withdrew due to dissent and sown fear. At the time, these brands did not always dare to be open about this. 

In recent years, the fashion industry has responded to the growing demand. Meanwhile, modest fashion has become a billion-dollar industry that many brands are eager to participate in.

Is modest fashion a trend?

The fashion industry can no longer undercut modest clothing: demand is huge, so a supply is key. Social media has played a part in this. Partly because of well-known influencers who dress modestly, companies have dared to take the step to respond to this. Young Muslim women are mainly the growing target group in this.

The growing demand comes not only from religious considerations, but also from ladies who embrace wearing more fabric without religious beliefs. For whatever reason. So modest fashion is not only for believers, but for everyone who wants to dress modestly.

Modest fashion is definitely not a trend. Nor is it a niche market. It is a mega industry growing every day, driven by a large group of young women who want to dress according to their beliefs but refuse to compromise on style.

”When it comes to style, forget fashion. Think about modesty.”


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