Which clothing style suits me?

Which clothing style suits me?

his is a question you have probably asked yourself at least once. Every person has their own taste and clothing style. Sometimes you wear a classic look and sometimes you go for a street style look. On weekends you choose comfy and sometimes you go for a romantic look. Everything is possible. But which style suits you best? In this blog we take you through 3 different modest clothing styles.

Do you have a feminine clothing style?

This style is characterized by sophistication, details, soft materials and color combinations with low or medium high dark/light contrast. A feminine style is quickly expressed by wearing a dress such as the Carlijn and Myaar dress. Also a skirt gives a feminine look like the Mary tutu skirt.

A feminine style is of course very broad. You can choose a romantic look within the feminine style but also feminine cool, classic and actually any other style with a feminine touch.

By adding the right accessories to your outfit, you can make a look feminine. Think for example of brooches, scarves, round watches and other jewelry.

Tip: Work with round lines in your clothing such as a blouse that rounds off or round accessories. Round lines give a feminine look.

Classy and business style

With this style of clothing you often look neat, elegant, professional and businesslike. But the classy look is not only suitable for business occasions, it is perfect to wear for lunches/dinners, parties and special occasions.

This style is characterized by good fits, luxurious fabrics and detailed finishes. This style consists of many timeless items making investments in these items often very worthwhile. This style has many solid colors.

Looking modest and businesslike can sometimes still be a task. You often see tight pencil skirts or pantsuits with a short blazer. These items are not appropriate if you want to dress modestly. With the Amelia suits, you don’t have to worry about this. We already did this.

Items such as the Amelia suit in green, black and gray fit well into this style. The sleeves are classic but feminine in finish. Or, for example, the Mary jacket made of vegan silk. Do you feel good and comfortable in blazers, pantaloons and timeless skirts? Then this style is for you!

Do you prefer casual style?

Then you might look totally on-trend, but totally comfortable. Casual certainly doesn’t have to be simple. By combining it with the right items, you will quickly be on-trend and your clothes will be comfortable and modest. The traditional items of a casual style are a nice pair of jeans, with a hip shirt and sneakers.

If you want to dress comfortable but modest and fashionable, then this outfit is very suitable. Comfort, modest and feminine at the same time! Like the Niya taupe jogger or the Yara jogger with wide legs. Pair these joggers with the matching Niya sweat dress and the Yara oversized sweat blouse.

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